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Viet Radiology Jsc.,

Viet Radiology was founded by a team of many years of experience in the field of IT with the companion, professional support of the leading imaging experts in Vietnam as well as partners such as Viettel, FPT, VNET, ...


Vision: Viet Radiology aims to become a leading provider of solutions in the field of image diagnosis with high quality and reasonable price for all customers using solutions.

Mission: Viet Radiology specializes in research, development and application of information technology, providing solutions to address remaining issues in the field of health in general and in the field of imaging diagnostics in particular.

Core values:

  • Creativity: Comprehend creativity is one of fundamental values, we aim to build breakthrough solutions to create a completely new medical imaging experience for costumers.
  • Ethics: We believe ethics is a solid foundation for building a good relationship with our customers and promoting sustainable, long-term business development.
  • Flexibility: We always act fast and flexibly to meet the needs of customers and partners.

Company Structure

Minerva - Strategic product of Viet Radiology

Minerva is a group of the IT application solution in field of imaging diagnose with 3 line products:

  • Minerva PACS is an informatic technology solutions in managing medical imaging, developed on WEB-based platform, synchronously connected among functions of storing big-sized pictures and imaging tools, 2D-picture processing, MPR, 3D-picture rendering.
  • Minerva RIS is a web-based application software supporting fully the work procedure of radiology department
  • Minerva Telerad is an informatic technology solution in transmitting and tele-radiological diagnosis; helps doctors view medical pictures, diagnose even not to be in-presence with patients.

Developed on the basis of WEB application with English interface, Minerva provides all the necessary functions for doctors, staffs of the Department of Diagnose Imaging; contemporaneously, it has a special management function in accordance with the working procedures of the department's leader and the Center for Diagnostic Imaging at hospitals and clinics.